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Media & Advertising

Welcome to the next generation of the Media & Advertising industry, poised for personalization, automation, immersion, experimentation, and measurability.

Our mission at Startup Disrupt is to assemble industry frontrunners, innovative startups, and dynamic venture capital firms to spark innovation and overhaul the future of the media and advertising industry.

From cave paintings to the digital era, communication has been the foundation of human society’s evolution. It’s time to rethink an industry that never sleeps, constantly changes, and keeps up with the emerging technologies of the future.

we focus on

Digital Advertising

Ad Networks

Outdoor Advertising

Content & Publishing

Broadcasting Technologies

Telecommunication & 5G Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality Gaming

Esports Business Process

Automation Big Data

Artificial Intelligence
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Ignite Your Success

By engaging with Startup Disrupt’s offerings, corporations can enhance their internal capabilities, build a strong innovation culture, and stay ahead of the competition in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Other industries on which we focus our attention

Media & Advertising

Future of IoT



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