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Tomas Petru

I am Tomas Petru, an entrepreneur and visionary deeply engaged in cyber security, multiscreen solutions, media, and notably, in the critical areas of data management, long-term data archiving, and privacy. With over 35 years of pioneering experience, my passion extends to developing the vast potential of our interconnected world, prioritizing the privacy, security, and sovereignty of data for its rightful owners. My commitment to innovation is equally matched by my dedication to growth, sustainability, and ecological responsibility, reflecting in every venture I undertake.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, from startup foundations to navigating the complexities of NASDAQ, I have focused on leading the edge in technology and business. I founded Visual Unity, a benchmark in OTT video platforms and multi-screen & broadcast solutions, which after securing investment from 3TS Capital in 2014, transitioned fully under their acquisition in 2015. My ventures, including Visual Connection and Unity Mobile, have set new standards in their respective fields, while Disk Archive redefines secure long-term data storage for SMBs and large enterprises. My latest endeavor, Goldilock, stands at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, introducing the revolutionary Drawbridge product category.

Under my leadership as CEO, companies have soared to significant profitability and exponential growth, showcasing revenue increases between 50% to 200% year over year, with global revenues reaching tens of millions USD. My diverse roles across the corporate spectrum, including CFO, CMO, and Head of Sales & Strategy, reflect a versatile skill set driven towards achieving excellence.

My global perspective is further enriched by a deep interest in geopolitics, especially as it intersects with economy and technology development. I observe the ongoing deglobalization trends, highlighted by the “America First” stance through initiatives like the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS Act, aimed at revitalizing the industry back in the USA. As a fervent supporter of Europe and a citizen of the world, I advocate for more decisive action and less deliberation to navigate these changing dynamics effectively.

My work and partnerships span over 100 countries, serving a diverse clientele including governments, major telecommunications giants, media powerhouses, and prestigious organizations like the Olympics Committee and FIFA. My academic background in Electronics, Mathematical Informatics, and Computer Science, combined with living and working experiences in the US, Europe, and the Middle East, fortify my integrated approach towards sales, strategy, and business development across various sectors.

Specializing in cyber security, data storage & handling, telecoms, IT, broadcast media, healthcare, and the financial industry, I bring a unique blend of technical knowledge and strategic business acumen. My leadership is marked by innovative thinking, project and financial management, team leading, and a relentless pursuit of solutions in the face of challenges.

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