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Established in 2020, Startup Disrupt is dedicated to assisting business and tech innovators in shaking up traditional industry mindsets. Our goal is to facilitate the birth of fast-growing, sustainable companies that challenge the status quo in products, services, and industry thinking. Startup Disrupt transcends being just a platform—it’s a catalyst for change, fostering a culture that fuels curiosity and drives tangible innovation across industries. We aim to be the bridge that guides ambitious minds from ideation to realization, promoting a global network of disruptors ready to pioneer change.
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Startup Disrupt is a global marketplace meticulously crafted for startups, born from the collaborative spirit of global entrepreneur communities and startup enthusiasts. Our aim is to morph into a comprehensive platform offering knowledge, inspiration, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs, startup founders, and technology innovators worldwide. We envision Startup Disrupt as a catalyst, propelling nascent ideas into burgeoning enterprises. This platform is more than a marketplace; it's a global nexus where innovation meets opportunity, designed to support ambitious individuals on their entrepreneurial journey.

We envision ourselves as a forward-driven collective of startup aficionados, keen on empowering a new wave of startup founders, engineers, developers, tech innovators, and beyond towards success.

Patrik Juranek
CEO, Startup Disrupt

Our Resolute Mission: Catalyzing Innovation and Leadership Across Borders

Our disdain for the status quo propels our mission forward. This sentiment isn’t an echo of grievance, rather a reflection of our fervent enthusiasm towards the reservoir of talent, ceaseless activity, and boundless potential that envelops us. In a world metamorphosing through disruptive technologies, innovative governance models, and progressive educational frameworks, we stand at a crossroads of change and opportunity.

The Czech Republic, having recently commemorated a century of resilience and three decades of liberation from Communism, narrates a tale of a tumultuous yet enriching journey. Our historical narrative, once overshadowed by despotic regimes and oppression, now serves as a catalyst for change. Now, the spotlight is upon us to showcase our capabilities on a global stage, particularly within the European Union and across our focus countries: Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, England, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We are a hub of unparalleled talent, a vibrant international community, a breeding ground for cutting-edge research, and a crucible of groundbreaking ideas.

The vision is crystalline: disrupt societal norms, ascend to a new echelon of innovation and inclusivity, and extend this spirited entrepreneurial and unconventional ethos beyond our borders. Our burgeoning startup ecosystem, brimming with ambitious founders, innovators, female leaders, and keen investors, stands as a testament to our progressive narrative. The collaborative synergy between startups, investors, and seasoned mentors is fostering a culture of disruptive thinking and actionable innovation, shaping the modern contours of Europe and beyond.

 Our mission transcends a mere statement. It’s a rallying cry for change-makers, both within the Czech Republic and beyond, to embrace this transformative zeitgeist, challenge entrenched norms, and collectively forge a trajectory of progress, empowerment, and relentless innovation. Our ethos champions a culture of disruptive thinking, a synergy of traditional and contemporary paradigms, propelling our society into a future teeming with possibilities and devoid of complacency.

 Embark on this invigorating voyage with us, armed with a resolve to redefine the realm of the possible, and to carve a legacy of ingenuity, resilience, and an unwavering quest for excellence. Together, we’ll not only witness but actively sculpt an era where ideas burgeon, institutions evolve, and societal norms are reimagined through a prism of inclusivity, innovation, and global camaraderie.

Our mission is encapsulated in fostering a nexus where startups intertwine, support, and burgeon together. We champion innovation and perceive ‘disruption’ not as a menace, but as a conduit to a brighter future.

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