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Empowering Corporations through Startup Disrupt's Innovation Ecosystem

At Startup Disrupt, we understand that in today’s fast-paced business environment, established corporations need to embrace innovation and adapt to stay competitive. Our platform offers a range of benefits specifically tailored to support corporations in their pursuit of continuous growth and transformation

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Startup Disrupt

Access to Innovative Startups

By connecting corporations with innovative startups, we help them discover groundbreaking technologies and solutions that can drive efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage.

Industry-Specific Insights:

Providing corporations with insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in their industry through top-class events and discussions, enabling informed strategic decisions.

Collaborative Opportunities & Matchmaking Events

Facilitating partnerships between corporations and startups to foster collaboration and co-creation of value-added products and services, addressing evolving customer needs.

Enhanced Corporate Innovation

Offering a unique mentoring program that connects corporations with thought leaders and experts who can guide them in adopting innovative practices and fostering a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship.


Your competition comes in sooner or later. If you don’t outgrow them, they will outgrow you.

Oliver dlouhý

CEO, Kiwi

Our Company Values

Why Startup Disrupt?

Our secret sauce lies in our deep understanding of both the startup and corporate worlds. We leverage our extensive network, expertise, and resources to create synergies that drive innovation and growth for all parties involved. Partner with us and unlock the full potential of your organization in the ever-changing business environment.

Enhanced Corporate Innovation

Our unique mentoring program provides corporations with access to thought leaders and experts who can guide them in adopting innovative practices and fostering an internal culture of creativity and entrepreneurship.

For Executives
For Product & Engineering
For Finance, Operations & Legal
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For Executives

Our tailored sessions and workshops help executives lead innovation and transformation initiatives within their organizations. We provide expert guidance on fostering a culture of innovation, managing change effectively, and aligning strategic objectives with evolving market trends. Executives will gain valuable insights on leveraging emerging technologies and driving collaboration across departments for maximum impact.

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For Product & Engineering

We offer access to cutting-edge tools, technologies, and best practices that enhance product development and engineering processes. Our programs focus on areas such as design thinking, agile methodologies, and rapid prototyping, enabling product and engineering teams to innovate faster and more efficiently. Additionally, we facilitate connections with top-tier startups and technology providers to help teams stay abreast of the latest developments in their industry.

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For Finance, Operations & Legal

Our insights and guidance help finance, operations, and legal teams navigate the challenges and opportunities arising from the adoption of new technologies and business models. We provide expert advice on topics such as risk management, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency in the context of digital transformation. By staying ahead of industry trends and understanding the implications of emerging technologies, these teams can better support their organizations’ innovation efforts and drive sustainable growth.

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Ignite Your Success

By engaging with Startup Disrupt’s offerings, corporations can enhance their internal capabilities, build a strong innovation culture, and stay ahead of the competition in today’s dynamic business landscape.