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AI & Space – Our Next Horizon

AI and Space – how are they connected you may ask? And why even bother talking about them in this connected way?
November 16, 2020
from 18:00
- 19:00
Online Live Stream


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About event

AI and Space – how are they connected you may ask? And why even bother talking about them in this connected way?🤔
The world around us is multidisciplinary. Space is the next frontier which people are anxious to tackle. On the ground, AI is a technology moving humanity forward at a record pace – similar to what the invention of fire and writing has done for us in the past.

What if we combine these two areas and use one to conquer the other?

We have a ludicrously good lineup of speakers who will be discussing this in an online VR setting (don’t worry, you can easily join from your browser) who we’ll be introducing in the coming days in more detail, but their names are the creme de la creme of space and AI:

⭐️Tomáš Mikolov (Senior AI Researcher, CIIRC, spearheading research into artificial general intelligence)
⭐️Petr Boháček (Research Fellow, Charles University focusing on transatlantic relations, space governance and politics)
⭐️Miky Škoda (Co-Founder of X-Challenge and MC of Czech Space Week)
⭐️Ignacio Toledo (PMG Data Analyst at the ALMA observatory in Chile)
⭐️Michal Reinstein (Chief Scientist at SpaceKnow, responsible for the deployment of deep learning cloud-based solutions to automated analysis of satellite imagery)
⭐️Josef Forman (Programme director at the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, concerned with multidisciplinary education of public about space technologies)
⭐️Jan Lukačevič (cosmic engineer at the Academy of Science, popularisator of everything-space-related and a NATO Young Leader advising the organisation on the adoption of technology and innovation)

Discussion hosted by Sara Polak, Archaeologist in AI and Monty Python enthusiast.

The whole event is organized in our private virtual room where you can discuss almost like real-life. However, there will be a recording afterward of course




Petr Boháček

Researcher on Space Policy, Transatlantic relations and global security



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