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Jozef Vodicka


Right now he is a passionate Googler helping developers, developer agencies and startups in South CEE to be more successful and profitable.
He co-founded and lead several StartUPs such as,, and Stuzkova.EU.
He is TEDx speaker, Slovak Forbes 30-under-30, IT Auditor in AIESEC International & TOP 5 Student Entrepreneurs in Slovakia. He gets things done.
He kindly said no to job offer in Silicon Valley, just before graduation, to start
From idea to 70 countries. For each project he puts together awesome team (hiring + firing). He focus on developing leadership of all members, keep constant feedback loop and engagement of tasks.
He joined AIESEC and spend there 4 years of his life at University. Nowadays he chair conferences, give trainings to AIESEC members and also audits IT systems used globally by all AIESEC members. Mention AIESEC in front of him and he will be thrilled.
He loves to solve complex problems, push limits, smile, meditate, do fitness, read and enjoy family & friends.

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