Our 2024 priorities?

Kata Ludvig

Kata in the first five years of career, she worked at several Fortune 500 companies across 4 countries, always eager to learn as much as possible about the marketing world.
While earning my MBA in California, she accepted the challenge to direct and organize TEDxCSUS, the first-ever independently organized TED event at California State University Sacramento.
After studies, she entered the FinTech world as the CMO and Co-Founder of BankZee — a family banking application for financial education, that brings kids, parents, and banks together. After achieving fantastic success in the FinTech world, I decided to take on a new challenge in the travel industry.
As a frequent flyer, travel lover, conscious consumer, and, most importantly, a Gen Y professional, she joined Flight Refund as CEO and immediately understood how important role the company plays within the travel industry.

The sales form is created in the SimpleShop.cz system.
The sales form is created in the SimpleShop.cz system.