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Liběna Rochová

The Curriculum Vitae of Liběna Rochová’s creative activity is very extensive. On the Czech scene, which is very often represented abroad /exhibitions and shows in Vienna, Paris, Lyon, New York, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles/ has been active for many years. Her professional background and skills have allowed her to design theatre, film, and stage costumes, body art objects, toilets for singers’ performances, as well as ordinary civilian and, finally the most prestigious area for any fashion designer, the collection of
of unique models. It focuses on free and individual creations, which are more open to art than
purely garment form. In 1999, she founded Studio LR for consultancy and atelier for the realization of garments custom-made garments. From 2005 to 2010, she ran Studio LR-Gallery, which was dedicated to promoting young designers. From 2008 to 2023, she was the head of the Studio of Fashion and Footwear Design at UMPRUM. Every year, she presents her work through an original fashion show. She also deals with throwing glass jewelry. In October 2017, she received a professorship in Architecture and design at the University of Applied Arts in Prague. She has won several prestigious awards. Every year, her name appears in the nomination for the Czech Grand Design Awards, and in 2022, she will 2022, she was named Fashion Designer of the Year.

In 2015, she was awarded Fashion Designer of the Year and Grand Designer of the Year at the
Czech Grand Design. In cooperation with the DEBRA Foundation of the Czech Republic, she created together with the artist Lukáš
Musil to support people with butterfly wing disease. Thanks to this venture
In 2019, she was one of the final three nominees for the Czech Grand Design Award
in the Fashion Designer of the Year category. In 2020, she was named by Forbes magazine as one of the most influential
and most important women in the Czech Republic. In 2022, she was inducted into the Czech Grand Design Hall of Fame.
She cooperates with UNICEF in the Adopt a Doll and Save a Child project – she is a patron of
a charity auction of dolls of famous celebrities, the proceeds of which help children in third world countries.
Details can be found at: www.libenarochova.cz

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