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Michal Fichtner

Michal Fichtner graduated from an electrical engineering high school, majoring in programming. He had worked at Continental since 2003 when he joined the company as a circuit board repairer. His career led from maintenance to engineering, where he built PCB test equipment. Subsequently, his career progressed towards leading the test-engineering group for PCB testing, complex management from PCB testing to the final product and its packaging, including maintenance, to IT leadership positions (IT MES Manager, founding and leading the BI group). As of the end of 2020, he will become the project manager of the digital factory at the Branyds plant, a model plant for Continental’s global digitalization. He is working with his team towards the vision of a fully digital production plant. He advocates a holistic view of digitalization, the unity and comprehensive use of data, and systems interconnection. His hobbies include IoT, smart devices, smart home, programming, skiing and biking.

Motto: “Everything is possible! A quick solution is often better than chasing the perfect solution.”

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