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Michale Jacobsen

Michael is active as an entrepreneur in entertainment & leisure property and holds investments in technology companies.

He has delivered programs for many large corporations in addition to being a formal Advisor to the Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic during their recent European Union Presidency, has advised government agencies in the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, and the UK. As an entrepreneur, he Co-founded an entertainment and leisure property empire that owned the international Intellectual property rights to produce the household name brand of Dirty Dancing on stage. He developed, owned, or operated many of the world’s leading entertainment and leisure properties (arenas, convention centers, and theatres). Some of these assets have been sold, and he is currently building a new leisure property company, which he founded in 2016, based in Europe.

Michael acts as a Non-Executive Director to Boards, has delivered lectures at London Metropolitan University, University of Westminster and Central Middlesex University London, and is a Judge of the esteemed Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

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