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Patrick Bosteels

Being a passionate creator and serial entrepreneur, Patrick Bosteels never tasted corporate life. Started 13 companies, succeeded and failed. His last company in Belgium was TCS, a software and digital marketing company. Meanwhile, his passion to work with and for startups, changemakers and social entrepreneurs started to prevail.

He started STAGE-Co, a startup community platform focusing on increasing the quantity and quality of startups in Turkiye and also to ignite intrapreneurship for smarter companies.

Stage-Co’s motto is Coworking.Collaboration.Cocreation and to connect the loop, Patrick and partner Neşen Yücel started Stage Coworking with the first venue in Urla (Urla Coworking) in 2019 and continue to work for the startup and innovation scene also in their own venue.

Patrick is the proud Co-Founder of CoderDojo Türkiye, a volunteer network teaching kids (6-17 years old), how to code, HiGI Association (Herkes için Girişimcilik ve Inovasyon Derneği) serving to support entrepreneurship and innovative mindset for everyone and Now Sprint! Accelerator.

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