Our 2024 priorities?

Petr Ulrich

With over two decades of leadership at the C-level, Petr Ulrich brings a wealth of experience from both local and global markets. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and no-nonsense approach, Petr combines agile SME thinking with a strategic, big-picture perspective and a strong commitment to leading by example.

Petr has a notable track record in the business world, highlighted by four successful exits through trade sales to strategic investors. Over the last four years, he has thrived as an independent consultant, focusing on business transformation and crisis management. His balanced approach is complemented by his passion as an offshore sailor, which he believes enhances his resilience and strategic planning skills.

His core strengths include visionary and analytical thinking, new business rollout, sales management, market development, and navigating businesses through change and crises. Petr is deeply familiar with all stages of the enterprise lifecycle, from startup inception through securing investments and scaling to global markets.

Specializing in turning innovative business ideas into reality, Petr’s extensive hands-on experience spans multiple industries, making him a versatile and dynamic leader.

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