Our 2024 priorities?

Sergei Anikin

Sergei, CTO at Pipedrive is a strong supporter of agile software development and has a proven track-record of scaling the work of large engineering teams by applying Scrum development methodology. With domain knowledge in banking, telecommunications, sales and start-ups, Sergei believes that it is crucial to minimize the friction and time between the thought and the implementation, to minimize the amount of work which needs to be done through using the best tools available, and automation. Sergei also thinks it is crucial to let technical and product leadership focus on the right things — technical legacy should never prevent the teams from innovating.
As CTO at Pipedrive Sergei Anikin is responsible for managing Pipedrive development and infrastructure departments. As part of Pipedrive’s executive team Sergei is responsible for top priority, business critical efforts and transforming development organisation into a high performing, top-notch team. In just 5 years, Sergei has grown Pipedrive’s engineering team from 10 to over 200 engineers.
Prior to Pipedrive, Sergei worked at Skype for over 7 years, filling the roles of Billing Architect and Team Lead. Most notable projects that Sergei has an impact on in Skype were Facebook Video calling (using Skype technologies) and Skype for Windows 8 client development. Sergei’s career began at Hansabank where he started as an Internet Bank developer and moved his way up to become the manager of the development team.

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