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Tatana le Moigne

Higher purpose leader. Searching. Restless. Interested in values based leadership, talent development, digital, technology, education, psychology, energy, natural medicine. Fatalist. Optimist. Mother. Czech.
Tatiana le Moigne has headed Google’s Czech and Slovak subsidiaries for 12 years. Since their founding asserted itself in 2006, Google has become the most widely used search engine in our country and repeatedly the world’s most valuable brand. In that time, Tatiana le Moigne became one of the most influential women in Czech business. She is regularly ranked in Forbes magazine’s most influential women’s list, and has twice in the year topped the prestigious ranking of Hospodářské novin “TOP Women of the Czech Republic” – becoming the TOP Woman of 2011 and 2017. She owns 4bambini, which she also founded, and which teaches children important life values. She’s a big proponent of women in tech and leadership positions. And everyone who wants to keep working on themselves.

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