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Tomas Rehor

Engineering Manager & Site Lead, Pipedrive

Tomas, Engineering Manager and Site Lead, is responsible for setting up Pipedrive’s development centre in Prague, Czech Republic. Tomas has a wide range of experience from different kinds of environments in Software Engineering, including 10 years at Skype both in Prague and Palo Alto, CA, and working as a Digital Nomad at Toptal, where he managed to work from 14 different countries in just 9 months – his favourite experience so far. His most recent experience was as CTO in groceries delivery startup Koší, which was the most intense yet the most valuable training for what’s coming at Pipedrive.
As an Engineering Manager and a Site Lead, Tomáš is responsible for hiring strong Developers who will fit into Pipedrive’s unique culture, as well as improve existing, and deliver new, Pipedrive features. He will work closely with a whole range of internal teams to set up Pipedrive Prague’s identity and theme, ensuring Prague will become a valuable contributor to Pipedrive’s success. As Site Lead, Tomáš is determined to root the Czech branch into the local startup and sales communities and give back insights and experience both him and Pipedrive have learnt over time.

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