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Strafos: Revolutionizing Private Jet Travel with Smart SaaS Solutions

Strafos is gearing up to redefine the private jet industry with its state-of-the-art SaaS platform, which promises to deliver unparalleled efficiency and speed. Their cutting-edge platform is meticulously designed to automate and streamline the process of flight calculations and booking for private jets, empowering operators to amplify revenue and minimize empty leg flights. The platform’s instant calculation and booking capabilities are not only a testament to Strafos’ innovative approach but also a signal of the transformative changes they are set to bring to the EU and US markets.

Under the astute leadership of CEO Marek Wagner, with over a decade of experience in the aviation sector, Strafos is pioneering a movement to modernize the business aviation industry. Wagner’s profound understanding of the industry’s intricacies, combined with Martin Pultzner’s extensive experience in establishing and scaling up successful online businesses, positions Strafos at the cusp of a new era in private aviation.

Strafos’ platform is a marvel for charter sales departments, offering a B2B solution that automates traditionally laborious and time-consuming calculations for private jet flights, thereby dramatically improving the sales process. This innovation is paving the way for instant bookings, revolutionizing how private jets are chartered. With a focus on optimizing calculations, revenue, and fleet utility through unique algorithms, Strafos is empowering brokers and FBOs to revolutionize sales.

As Strafos continues to grow, its platform promises to deliver an increase in revenue and a reduction in empty flights for operators, while clients will benefit from lower prices and quicker bookings. Strafos stands as a beacon of innovation, signaling the dawn of a new epoch in the business aviation industry.

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