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Zuri: The Dawn of Hybrid VTOL Aviation”

Zuri is carving a new path in the aviation industry, combining the versatility of helicopters with the speed and range of fixed-wing aircraft. Their hybrid VTOL technology is a leap into the future, providing an aircraft that delivers both efficiency and excitement, with a range exceeding 700 kilometers and speeds up to 350 km/h. Zuri’s commitment to eco-conscious travel is evident in its use of sustainable fuels and rechargeable capabilities, ensuring a greener footprint in the skies.

Michal Illich leads the charge, whose tech expertise and entrepreneurial acumen fuel Zuri’s ascent in the aviation sector. With a demonstrator already in flight testing and plans for more advanced models, Zuri is rapidly moving from concept to reality.

The innovation doesn’t end with manned flight; Zuri also presents the Zuri Drone, a commercial UAV that redefines performance standards with its exceptional range and payload capacity, serving various applications from logistics to surveillance and, potentially, defense.

With a strong foundation of $4 million in seed funding, Zuri is inviting investors and pioneering enthusiasts to join in their vision. They are creating more than just a means of transport; they are shaping an experience—a quieter, faster, and smarter way to travel. As they gear up for a Series A funding round, Zuri is positioned not just to enter the market but to elevate it, offering a glimpse into a future where air travel is transformed by hybrid VTOL technology.

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