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Step into the nexus of innovation with our premier events designed for startups and visionaries. We offer a dynamic platform for networking, showcasing ideas, and gaining unparalleled insights into the evolving business landscape—all in English. Whether you're looking to elevate your startup, engage with groundbreaking innovators, or expand your educational horizons, we're your bridge to opportunity. Our sponsors are leading companies eager to empower and associate with the brightest minds in innovation. Join us, and be where the future unfolds.


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We foster a realm where ideas, finance, resources, and a shared love for humanity and our planet converge and collaborate for a brighter future.
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We don’t have sufficient entrepreneurship education. A systematic change is necessary.

Pavlína Zychová

CEO, MyStay

Your competition comes in sooner or later. If you don’t outgrow them, they will outgrow you.

Oliver Dlouhý

CEO, Kiwi

Who We Help

Fortune 500

Accelerating Startup Success With Startup Disrupt

Startup Disrupt propels startups towards success by offering invaluable connections to established corporations, access to expert insights and mentorship, and a vibrant community of like-minded innovators. Our platform empowers startups to scale, secure strategic partnerships, and refine their products or services, ensuring they stand out in the competitive market and achieve sustainable growth.

Corporate Innovation Empowerment With Startup Disrupt

Startup Disrupt enables corporations to thrive in the modern business landscape by connecting them with disruptive startups, providing industry-specific insights, fostering collaboration, and nurturing an innovative culture. Our platform helps companies stay competitive and drive continuous growth through transformative partnerships and access to a dynamic talent pool.

Transforming Public Sector Through Startup Disrupt

Startup Disrupt supports public sector organizations in adopting cutting-edge innovations by connecting them with disruptive startups and providing insights into the latest technology trends. Our platform facilitates partnerships, promotes efficient service delivery, and fosters a culture of innovation, enabling the public sector to embrace change and drive positive societal impact.

Unlock Your Startup's Potential Through Fortune 500 Partnerships

Access To Resources:
Gain valuable insights, industry knowledge, and resources to refine your product or service.

Networking Opportunities
Tap into extensive networks to connect with potential customers, suppliers, and strategic partners.

Investment And Market Access
Unlock opportunities for funding, acquisition, and access to larger customer bases and distribution channels.

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