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Female Leaders: Women & Men

Women and Men: Get deeper insights into communication and relationship challenges.
October 4, 2023
from 14:00
- 17:30
Zenwork Palác ARA, Perlová 5, 110 00, Prague, Czechia

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Who are you?

Stewart Bonn, Electronic Arts

Guy Kawasaki, CANVA
Aleksandra Kozik, Meta

Jutta Urpilainen, European Commission

David Petraeus, KKR

Camila Manera, Walt Disney Company

Mitch Lowe, Netflix

Alyssa Carson, NASA

David Hanosn, Hanson Robotics

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Female Leaders: Women & Men

Zenwork Palác ARA, Perlová 5, 110 00, Prague, Czechia


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Your competition comes in sooner or later. If you don’t outgrow them, they will outgrow you.

Oliver dlouhý

CEO, Kiwi

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The Startup Disrupt team was founded in 2020 and is dedicated to help business and tech disrupters to change the ‘old’ way of thinking in industries, products, and services.

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The idea has been built by people from global entrepreneur communities and startup enthusiasts. The purpose of Startup Disrupt is to become a startup platform designed to provide knowledge, inspiration, connection to entrepreneurs, startup founders, technology innovators and startup communities all over the world.

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